Fractal Drainage


Modelling drainage patterns

"Deterministic tree networks for river drainage basins"
Deterministic tree networks for fluid flow: geometry for minimal flow resistance between a volume and one point
Fractal trees with side branching
Fractal modeling applied to reservoir characterization and flow simulation
3-D Modeling of Phreatic Karst Caves

Drainage patterns in nature

The Basket Starfish - fractal limbs
Robot Juggler - Moravec's fractal limbed robots
A fractal model of the circulatory system
Fractal-based Methods for Modeling Blood Flow
Fractals and the Patterns of Nature
Dimensions of fractals in the human body
"Fractal dimensions" - art by Lee Skinner
Trellis drainage patterns
Dendritic drainage pattern - photo from Yemen
Drainage patterns classified

Art and drainage patterns

Encaustic painting
Almost Abstract - encaustic painting

Diffusion-Limited Aggregation

Diffusion-Limited Aggregation - Java applet
Diffusion-Limited Aggregation - Java applet
Diffusion-Limited Aggregation and its Simulation
Diffusion-Limited Aggregation and dendritic growth - from MIT's IM brochure
Reversible Diffusion Limited Aggregation


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Fractals Journal
Fractal Growth Models - by Mária Vicsek and Tamás Vicsek

Art and fractals

Iterations-et-Flarium - Stephen C. Ferguson
A Fractal Art Gallery - by Ken Keller
Terry's fractal mirage |